The Merrington Poultry Unit

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A housing suitable for chickens, bantams, cats, dogs and other small animals.

It measures 9' x 3' x 4' tall and consists of a fully enclosed 3' x 3' housing unit with attached egg laying/brooding box in the poultry version. Attached to this is a 6' x 3' run with a solid floor back and end. The whole unit is under one corrugated 'Onduline' roof.

Ideal for 8 - 10 average sized birds

There are access doors into the run and the housing, with a pophole between the two.
There is also a pophole at the end of the run to allow the poultry to free range.

The front wire panel is removable for easy access/cleaning.

Constructed from 50mm x 38mm wood framing and16mm x 125mm T&G wooden shiplap. Welded mesh used is 1' x 1' x 16g galvanized wire.

All external timber is treated with a Golden Brown preservative.


We can also supply fully fitted a ChickenGuard Standard automatic door opener.

Features include: Automatic stop feature which protects your chickens from getting trapped as the door lowers and also prevents the string from getting tangled if there is an obstruction. Battery warning light visible from 100 meters away. 

An integrated LCD screen ensures it is easy to set up and alter timings when necessary. You won’t need an 8 year old to programme this door! And we have even designed extra big buttons so you can programme the unit with your gloves on in the winter.

All electronics are enclosed in weatherproof casing, ensuring reliable operation in the most extreme conditions. We confidently provide a no-quibble 3 year guarantee.

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All our poultry units are constructed to order and availability depends on seasonal demand. We would estimate to have this unit ready to dispatch within approximately 15 working days from time of order.

  • Delivery to Mainland UK 3 - 4 working days from dispatch £68
  • Next working day delivery plus £20
  • Other options available