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The Felton Poultry House with Run

The Felton Poultry House with Run

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A 6' x 4' x 4'6" tall poultry house complete with access door, 'Onduline' roof, ventilation hatch, removable perches and four laying boxes with external access.

There is also a pophole on the right hand side to allow the poultry to access the run.

Constructed from 50mm x 38mm wood framing and 16mm x 125mm T&G wooden shiplap.

The attached 8' x 4' run is 3 sided - all wire with door and Onduline corrugated bitumen roof. The height is the same as the Felton Unit and is attached to the side with the pop hole. The pop hole can be opened and closed from the outside, without the need to open the door. The wire used is 1" x 1" x 16g. There is an access door into the run for feeding/cleaning.

All external timber is treated with a Golden Brown preservative.

Suitable for approximately 18 - 22 average sized hens.

All our animal housing are constructed to order and availability depends on seasonal demand. We would estimate to have this unit ready to dispatch within approximately 15 working days from time of order.

  • Delivery to Mainland UK 3 - 4 working days from dispatch £78
  • Next working day delivery plus £50
  • Other options available

We also provide the Felton without the run. Click here to view.

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